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Automatic Header Height Control Sensor

For John Deere Combines.

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Product Details

Compatible with John Deere Header(s) C6R, C8R, C12F, C12R, C16F, C16R, C18F, C18R, 600, 606, 606C, 608, 608C, 608FC, 612, 612C, 615F, 615R, 616, 616C, 618, 618C, 618F, 618R, 620F, 622 (X), 622F, 622R, 625, 625 (X), 625D, 625F, 625R, 630 (X), 630D, 630F, 630FD, 630R, 635 (X), 635D, 635F, 635FD, 635R, 640 (X), 640FD, 645FD, 706C, 708C, 708FC, 712C, 716C, 718C, 730FD, 735FD, 740FD, 745FD

Replaces John Deere OEM nos AXE57294, AXE17036

Compatible with John Deere Header(s) RD30F, RD35F, RD40F, RD45F, 320R, 722X, 725X, 730X, 735X, 740X